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The City of the Sun

Located in the region of Murcia, in southeastern Spain, the city of Lorca stands as a historical and cultural treasure that captivates those who have the privilege of visiting it. Known as the "City of the Sun" due to its exceptional Mediterranean climate, Lorca offers a unique combination of architectural heritage, deep-rooted traditions and a welcoming atmosphere that makes it an unforgettable tourist destination.

Lorca has an ancient history dating back to prehistoric times, making it one of the oldest cities in Spain. Its rich history is reflected in the numerous archaeological ruins scattered throughout the region, silent testimonies of past civilizations that left their mark on this place. The emblematic castle of Lorca, located on a strategic hill, is an imposing symbol of its past and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and its surroundings.

Lorca's historic center is another must-see attraction. Its narrow cobblestone streets and picturesque squares are adorned with majestic buildings that exhibit fascinating architecture spanning different eras, from the medieval period to modernism. The church of San Patricio, the Convento de la Merced and the Palacio de Guevara are just a few examples of the great architectural heritage that Lorca has to offer.

It has been awarded the Europa Nostra Prize for promoting heritage conservation with the restoration of six of its old town churches and was a finalist in the European Commission's EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence) program, in recognition of its sustainable tourism proposal.

Beyond its history and traditions, Lorca offers a generous and varied nature. Surrounded by mountains and agricultural landscapes, the city is a perfect starting point for nature lovers and ecotourism enthusiasts. Hiking and biking trails allow you to explore the surrounding area, where you can discover breathtaking natural landscapes and fascinating biodiversity. With more than 1600 km2, Lorca is the largest non-provincial municipality in Spain and, consequently, offers to those who travel through it an extraordinary variety, diversity and richness of landscape; from the northern mountains to the quiet coves of its unspoiled coastline after crossing the typical and rich Murcian orchard of the Guadalentín Valley.

On the other hand, the warmth and friendliness of the people of Lorca is a hallmark of this city. Visitors are welcomed with open arms and can experience the hospitality and generosity of the local people, which makes a stay in Lorca even more special and meaningful.


Fortress of the Sun

A trip to Lorca Castle is a journey through time, an experience that invites you to reflect on the importance of preserving our historical legacy. This emblematic monument has become a symbol of local identity and a cultural attraction that continues to captivate visitors, immortalizing the grandeur of a past that lives eternally in every stone of its walls.

Today, Lorca Castle has been restored and refurbished to welcome curious visitors who wish to explore its intriguing past. The stone walls hold secrets that expert guides reveal to tourists as they walk through its corridors and rooms. From the top of its towers, the panoramic views offer a breathtaking perspective of the surrounding landscape, capturing the imagination of those who contemplate the magnificence of the city and the surrounding nature.


Lorca Castle

Party of interest

Lorca Fair

The fair of Lorca, also known as "the big fair", is celebrated in the last ten days of September in the fairground Huerto de la Rueda, located in Santa Quiteria. In this site there are attractions and bars where typical Lorca dishes are served. During these days are organized in the city various activities such as concerts, exhibitions, tapas tours, and so on.

Easter - @design_iam

Holy Week - a festival of International Tourist Interest 

Lorca's Holy Week, one of the most spectacular celebrations in Spain, is an impressive display of faith, tradition and fervor that moves locals and visitors alike. Every year during Holy Week, the streets of this historic city are transformed into a stage full of emotion and splendor, as Lorca residents and visitors come together to relive the sacred events of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ.

Since time immemorial, this festivity has been a fundamental pillar of local identity, passed down from generation to generation. The brotherhoods and confraternities, with centuries of history, prepare throughout the year to carry out unforgettable processions that combine religiosity, art and devotion.

The sacred images, carefully carved and ornamented, are protagonists in the processional parades. The thrones, carried on the shoulders of devoted costaleros, walk through the narrow and steep streets of Lorca, illuminated by the warm light of the candles carried by the nazarenes. The solemn sound of the drums and processional marches accompanies the leisurely walk of the thrones, creating an emotional and spiritual atmosphere.

The Holy Week of Lorca is organized around six brotherhoods, called "Pasos". With everything, the White and Blue Pasos capitalize the protagonism of this Holy Week and "divide in two" the lorquinos in resounding confrontations. They are the only steps that incorporate horses and biblical groups in movement. In addition, this week is accompanied by the continuous celebration of the lorquinos, giving life to the city supporting as faithful followers to each of the Virgins corresponding to each step.

The entire city is filled with cultural and religious activities, including performances, exhibitions and gastronomic events that enrich the visitors' experience and strengthen the bonds between the community.

Easter - @design_iam

In short, Lorca is an exceptional destination that combines historical richness, natural beauty and the authenticity of its culture, providing a unique and unforgettable experience to all those who visit it. This hidden gem in the heart of Spain is waiting for you to discover its charm and immerse yourself in the magic of a city that has preserved its essence over the centuries.

our beaches

Águilas, the coastal pearl of the region

A hidden gem, a dream tourist destination for those seeking sun, sea and a touch of historical charm. This coastal town delights with golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, inviting you to enjoy relaxing days under the sun.

Aguilas offers a wide range of activities and entertainment. Sea lovers can explore hidden coves and practice exciting water sports. Hikers can discover the natural beauty of the Sierra de Aguilón and its scenic routes. The local gastronomy delights with delicious dishes based on fresh fish and seafood, best enjoyed in restaurants overlooking the sea.

But Águilas is also famous for its lively cultural agenda. The Carnival of Águilas, declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest, attracts visitors from all over the world with its colorful and festive parades.




Mojacar, located on the coast of Almeria, is a captivating destination that fuses the charm of an old white village with the beauty of its Mediterranean beaches. Its white-walled houses and narrow cobblestone streets transport us to a past full of history and tradition. With panoramic views of the sea and the surrounding mountains, Mojacar offers an idyllic setting for lovers of nature and tranquility. It is also famous for its lively cultural life, with festivals, craft markets and a delicious gastronomy that blends Mediterranean and Andalusian influences.


Mazarrón is a paradise for sun and sea lovers. But this place goes beyond its coasts, as it is home to archaeological treasures, such as the Roman mine of La Unión, which tell the story of its mining past. It is a perfect destination to relax by the sea.


Do not hesitate to visit other nearby places like Calabardina, another of the treasures of the Murcian coast.

Being small it is very quiet, being a perfect place to enjoy its beaches with the family because it is very protected from the easterly winds and its waters are crystal clear.

The walks to Cabo de Cope at sunset are a magical and relaxing moment. But the best is scuba diving, which is practiced in several nearby areas: such as the Cueva de la Virgen, the groupers, the Caribbean, the sunken ships ... Always accompanied by professionals who are in the diving club La Almadraba. In short, an ideal place to spend days of peace and tranquility.


Vera, a charming town located in the province of Almeria, is a place that combines the beauty of its historical heritage with the serenity of its golden sandy beaches. The beaches of Vera, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, are a true jewel, ideal to enjoy the sun and the sea in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. With a unique combination of culture, nature and charm, Vera captivates visitors and residents alike, making it a magical corner of southern Spain.

La Manga del Mar Menor

A narrow coastline in the Region of Murcia, it is a coastal paradise that delights with its two seas. With the Mar Menor on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other, La Manga offers beaches with warm, crystal-clear waters, perfect for enjoying days of sun and fun. In addition to its beaches, this coastal corner is known for its water activities, from water sports to relaxing mud baths. With a vibrant leisure offer and an amazing natural wealth, La Manga is an ideal destination for those looking for an unparalleled beach experience.

La Manga del Mar Menor

Caravaca de la Cruz

Just an hour's drive from Lorca, we find a historic and sacred city in the Region of Murcia, a cultural and spiritual treasure that captivates all who visit. Known as the "Holy City", it is home to one of the five holy sites of Christian pilgrimage, attracting thousands of devotees each year to venerate the Holy and True Cross. Its charming squares and ancient buildings reflect the rich history of this medieval city.

In addition to its religious importance, Caravaca offers a wide range of cultural activities and festivals that enrich the experience of those who visit. This city is full of tradition and fervor, for those who wish to explore the spiritual and cultural essence of our region.

Caravaca de la Cruz

Golf Club

Lorca Resort - Golf Club

A challenging 18-hole golf course designed by Dave Thomas that adapts to the natural orography of the terrain. Play this magnificent golf course in Murcia surrounded by mountains and nature with the best price guaranteed. No doubt it will make you disconnect and relax playing your favorite sport.

A unique and unrivalled golf course on the Costa Cálida, with all the services (Club House, Restaurant with views, Pro-Shop, academy, driving range, putting/chipping greens, etc.).

Golf Club


The gastronomy of the city of Lorca is a delight for the senses, where tradition and culinary passion intertwine to offer a unique experience. With Mediterranean and Murcian influences, Lorca's cuisine stands out for its authenticity and the use of fresh, local ingredients. Seafood products, such as fish and seafood, play a prominent role in its cuisine, offering exquisite dishes such as caldero, a seafood stew with rice and fresh fish that captivates the most demanding palates. In addition, the flavors of the land are celebrated with dishes such as lamb segureño, tender and tasty, cooked with care and seasoned with aromatic herbs that highlight its natural flavor.

The confectionery is not far behind, offering delicacies such as paparajotes, fried sweets with lemon and cinnamon, or suspiros lorquinos, a tender and delicious snack. Lorca has been able to preserve the traditional cuisine adapting it to the new tastes and experiences of contemporary cuisine. It is a reflection of its cultural identity and an invitation to savor the essence of this wonderful city.

Recommended restaurants and bars

The meadow5 mins by car
Parador of Lorca15 mins by car
Roberto House10 mins by car
Albedrío10 mins by car
Poland15 mins by car
Zoco del Mar (Águilas)15 mins by car
Casa Bartolo15 mins by car
Parador Lorca
Zoco del Mar

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